October 2nd- How to Survive a Mass Shooting…

Tips for Surviving a Mass Shooting- In Honor of The Deadliest Shooting in History

#prayforvegas… 59 are dead, 522 injured just 300 miles from my location. My friend’s son in law shot in the back. What’s the solution? Can you survive?

It’s difficult that we have to see our own people shooting our loved ones, let alone the mass bombings from other countries…

It’s my hope that all of us stand together and beat this, United… Don’t allow the shooters to win, stand up and survive.

In one of the deadliest shootings in modern times I’ve taken tactical tips for surviving a shooting, and how to prepare before being trapped under gunfire…

Run, Hide (as the last option), Fight…

Read these Tactical Tips that Can Save your life someday…

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My favorite color is, African American…

Carl=Black Lenny=White...
Carl=Black, Lenny=White...


When chicks “want IT,” do they want it right away? Or can I finish my book first?

The second wildcard is a joke. Maybe I’m biased because the Dodgers never need it. But when Baseball allows teams below .500 in the playoffs, I be like whaa? Just another way to sell more seats, hot dogs, etc… smh. “Bc not enough teams got into the playoffs.” Really? It wasn’t an issue the first 120years.

Breaking News: Riverside Police Department has replaced all police sirens with the National Anthem, to force suspects to stop running upright and take a knee…

Facebook, quit asking me if I want to blow my money by boosting my posts…

#TuesdaysGone Lynyrd Skynyrd

Don’t let this dodger win distract you from the fact that in 1966 Al Bundy once scored 4 touchdowns in a single high school football game, for the Polk high panthers. Against his nemesis spare-tire Dixon.

He who has a WHYto live can bear almost any how.

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Versions of The Self: Book Review

My Sneaky Book Review of "Versions of The Self." by Author, Christy Birmingham

Having finished my last book, I ran into an exciting bit of poetry (my favorite) writing. It’s more than just poetry, it’s chapters journal the life of Christy Birmingham in deep philosophical meaning. Reading like a novel, this book of poetry style energized my mind in powerful ways…

Birmingham shows her writing talents are way above my skill, she is someone that others can look up to and learn from.

Versions of the Self, My Personal book review

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I’m an Awful Writer, What you should know…

Bad Writers who think They are Good... How to be a Bad Writer...

Reading fresh blogs has made me realize my writing isn’t that great. So many writers have the crazy ability to write well-organized thoughts in sequential order to capture social eyes.

Writing my first book didn’t take very long from the thought bulb to finishing the short book. The reason, the words had already been written, all I had to do was organize them from my blog, adding and taking away a few sentences here and there to have it stand out.

The writers and books I read for pleasure and learning have an entirely unique structure built around them, it’s difficult for me to understand the grammar behind it all. Sure, I’ve always been an exceptional speller (not only because of spell check,) and my simple grammar is usually in order. When I get into deeper dialogue, multiple people talking with an array of situations converging at the same moment, that’s when the difficulty comes into play.

I look at inspiring writers and amazing ideas drive me in new directions. I begin to write, the words jump onto my screen, it’s just not very good, but it’s real…

Real as an author can be these days. I’m tired of all these lying marketers with their fake expectations and pushing their content like it’s the best thing ever written. Sure, authors are going to be biased, but in the elite warrior’s mind, there is always room for improvement. Which is why I’m so difficult on myself, my books and the blog you’re reading today.

You’ve got so much to offer, “maybe you think the words and structure are lousy because you compare yourself to others?” If you’re like me you hit the keys inputting every single thought, wanting to go back to make it better, but you don’t.

And that’s okay for a blog or for journaling. I find that’s the reason I’m a lousy, mid-ranged blogger who doesn’t have a lot to offer in the way of providing information to you, readers. Writing to put words onto the internet, hopefully making someone a little brighter than when they began the script.

Now, my poetry seems to shine more than the average. I’m constantly, complimented on the words of poetry rather than my books. Readers have told me, “you have a way with words that brings everything together.” As thoughtful as that is, it’s problematic for me to compare myself to other writers and often see their blogs exploding, as I wonder why.

The truth of the matter is, I’m just not that great of a storyteller as far as structure goes. Honesty… When reading words in books, I focus too much on how the grammar is laid out, “how does the author write, how can I become better?”

I can not read, what I did not write. I was just trying to leave something behind. 

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