Do You Actually Read The Posts? I’m Starting To, Awesome Information Bloggers

I used to write and write, because it’s what I do to get feeling and thoughts out. I never actually sat down to read blogs but, I’m making it a point today and from this day forward to read at least 5 articles in full each day. I gain knowledge from my blogging community and enjoy feedback also, a great way to spend the day on my Kindle Fire.

So, thank you. I hope I return the favor at times. I have the wordpress app, it’s easy to use and I can read blogs quickly.

Enjoy, like, share, to combat the illness


19 thoughts on “Do You Actually Read The Posts? I’m Starting To, Awesome Information Bloggers

  1. I hope one of the blogs you end up reading is mine (x lol, I just started my blog five days ago… I hope you still check it out. I blog about my life and personal experiences, and teen topics. I have 18 followers so far πŸ˜† I really hope u stop by sometime! Any who, great blog! Keep up the good work!! xx

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  2. I was totally the same and I’ve just started reading blogs! It’s actually incredible, some of the story’s you can find past your own blog! I’ve started to try and comment as much as I can on others blogs, you know, taking active part in the community and whatnot! And it’s actually great! So many friendly people willing to share conversation, plus it massively increases traffic on your own blog! You should add ‘start 5 conversations’ man, the benefits are crazy satisfying!

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    1. Thanks BeePriced it’s been so long since this post and many have enjoy this read and I have read many blogs since. Somehow in the shuffle of time I didn’t respond to your comment, I am glad you were able to provide feedback and I hope your blog is doing well… Thanks again and sorry for the delay… πŸ™‚

      IA Pulse


    1. Thank you much BBB, glad you enjoyed, I try to respond to each comment and share my joy of a liked post, I just missed you in the shuffle, but I’m making up for it, hopefully. Reblog was awesome…

      -IA Pulse


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