If I Ran The World (For Depression)

Hey all.

Well, yesterday I did quite a few things, the anxiety has been on the down-low lately, I am glad to share. It’s odd, sort of ironic, that my anxiety wasn’t in high gear, because, I was surrounded by a ton of people while running. Now I got that out of the way. The illness I suffer with most as some of you know, is depression, this has been hitting me frequently the past few days. I think it has to do with the fact that my birthday was just days ago. exerciseThe family has been doing so many great things, yet, I seem to just be constant in my ‘laziness’, as some put it.

Phew… That’s Over…

I RAN YESTERDAY, (I just felt like running) for the first time in months. Three miles of aching joints, side stitches, and the pain of trying to breath in and out more oxygen, (my favorite). Minutes into my run I was hooked, I had to pass everyone at the track, proving I still have it. Sure, guys would take a short cut and ‘pass’ me, but I kept focused and would gingerly catch up and keep on going to the end of my three miler.

Hooked! Because, of the endorphin release into my bloodstream, flooding my brain with the (feel good) chemical that it shoots through out my entire body, a sense of well-being; yes, my emotional high was in full gear! Once my post running stretches were done, I drove home, no Depression In tow. For another exciting article on depression be sure to check out ‘the struggle continues on’.

I was on a high that lasted well into the night, and all I did was get some fresh air and exercise. You, should get out there and take a walk around the block, turn it into two blocks and keep going, it’s free therapy, and it’s a great way to generate something new to blog about.

What are some of the things you do to get your mind off of the illness? No, drinking. Sure, you feel great for awhile, but then the depression goes on full swing. Do you enjoy light reading? I’m sure you enjoy writing, otherwise you wouldn’t have a blog, am I right?

I’m pretty tired, think I’ll go home now!

Stick around. 

Enjoy, like, share, to comb@ the illness


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