ignore therapists & start blogging

Blogging has a natural way of allowing people with very similar views and outlooks on life, from all over the globe to unite in one central location to share ideas, get frustrations out, etc. th

Some may want to follow blogs of different beliefs altogether, which strikes fire for an all out debate, this is okay in the world of blogging.

Getting to the point for the tile of this post now…

Illness Adaptation has been around for less than a month, I am floored at the way it is growing, the people I have been able to talk to, which help me, or the people who have been helped by some nuggets of truth in my writing. People of similar backgrounds and illnesses can gather information from on their screen about how to handle their current situation or ‘episode.’ Most bloggers are sharing awareness of their chronic or mental illnesses, so that others who do not suffer will have simplified information on the things to do and say to one who is mentally ill. This inevitably helps people on both sides.

Reason’s Why Blogging Helps Eliminate My Need For A Doctor:

  • I have a place to write down my thoughts and feelings. Without a place to share with other like minded people who share similar traits, I would have to call my doctor 24/7 and run a muck of words off in his ear, (which I wouldn’t, since I don’t talk on the phone all that much) I would basically keep it all inside. Another reason for writing this down is I get feed back sometimes, which helps the struggle for sanity. Otherwise I would have to tell my real friends and family these things and I’d be locked up by the time minute 1 is up.
  • Unlimited Resources. Blogging gives way to unlimited resources to help my personal growth. Whether it be in the posts that other similar writers create, or just searching for something in general, the greatly appreciated feed back from others who have gone through the same processes at different times, one of my favorites is the one on one hope from complete strangers that I get in a time of need, be it an episode or down right pain.
  • Laughter. I have a few blogs that I go to just for a laugh, laughter truly is a great medicine. After a good laugh I am able to think about something else entirely and not dwell on my situation at that current time, though it may be a short laugh I am grateful anyhow.
  • Inspiration. Again, I have blogs that I turn to which help fire me up for a task in the future or just getting my lethargic butt off the damn bed!
  • 24/7 Therapy. This goes along with some of the thoughts I have written above, but I wish to touch on it some more. Through blogging I can connect with a community of people who are glad to share feelings and thoughts of joy and inspiration to a person in need, there are almost no defeating comments or posts that will hinder my growth as to why I am blogging for Illness Adaptation, if that makes sense? Sort of a good feeling for me to check my blog each day and see some kind of response from others in the world, and I mean the world.

    Countries I Have Connected With Through Blogging:


  • USA- (Okay, I had to put my great country of the US of A!).
  • U.K.
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • South Africa
  • China

— I am certain that there are more I have forgotten to mention. My point is that blogging allows me to gather information from many resources throughout the world, I now know that I am not the only one who struggles for sanity, people all over the world are dealing with the same issues, some worse, some not. If I can do my best to share the information I have gathered to maybe help others, GREAT!

For sure, some are more than willing to keep my hopes and thoughts alive with all that I am going through, for which I am grateful. 


Please Note* Do not discard your doctor because you read the title of my post, that would be another step towards, insanity. I am merely a person writing some thoughts on why blogging happens to be a good release and a possible help for you, in-between your sessions with your therapist. I do not wish to receive emails from your therapist as to why it is a bad idea to tell people in our state of mind to stop seeking therapy. DOH! However, if you’ve read my blog for awhile you see my dislike for those trying to help us, who have no illness themselves, and know nothing of the insanity inside our minds. 

Take a run for depression, here. 

Enjoy, like, share, to comb@ the illness


17 thoughts on “ignore therapists & start blogging

    1. Your point is very true Vanessa, I have written a blog that started out as ‘Writers Block’ I felt nothing that day in the way of writing, my head wasn’t in it, yet I just kept typing words and it became a post. 🙂 I am also very open to helping new bloggers, I enjoy sharing my first frustrations about blogging with them, so as to ease the hatred hehe.

      I am glad you took the time to enjoy the post, and re-blog.

      Writers Block   


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