Hypno— What?

Completed an awesome hypno sesh, it’s been a long while since I’ve done any of these sessions. I can not believe how well this one worked and how @ peace I feel now upon waking. Over the years I have downloaded, bought and streamed hypnotherapy sessions from many different hypnotherapist, like anything, some are good, while others are terrible. Now at grandma’s I feel akward doing these sessions, thinking she may be lurking around while I am in trance. But I shouldn’t, and you shouldn’t either if you are in a home with others, just know that this is for your mental health and well being. I am sure they will understand if they walk in and wonder why you are just laying there? Oh your sleeping they will think, maybe?

While using hypnosis has helped my subconscious through the years I find that over time I forget to listen to them and this is when the bad and evil thoughts creep back in. At my previous home on my own I used to lay there in the dark with the headphones on and drift away to whatever part of me I chose to work on that day; I’d listen for a few nights in a row to the same session, this allowed my subconscious to reaffirm the great things I chose to do and think for myself.

Tonight’s Session

Tonight I chose “hypnosis for clearing subconscious negativity”- Michael Sealey. (Via YouTube Free) I chose this session because I have not been using my positive affirmations and self talk in my daily life, I am forgetting to remember how wonderful my life is and what my future holds. It started off well, I fell into a trance like state quickly and easily into hypnosis, around 10 minutes in (I’d guess?) I fell asleep, as the positive reinforcements were being put to work on my subconscious, I was completely out (I think?) and at peace, allowing this to work. In hypnosis the work is done in the deepest part of the subconscious mind, so by falling asleep you allow your mind to take in all these suggestions at the deepest root, this is one of the few that I have fallen asleep and by this, I know that this was working wonders. Towards the end of the session I woke up (still in trance) and I was feeling peaceful and continuing to follow along, the session ended and I came out of the session feeling amazing and excited about the future.

For those who have not tried Hypnosis, I would recommend this for the first time, Michael assures you that you are in control the whole time, that you will not be able to do anything you do not want to do, this doesn’t have anything to do with religion or your hate or like there of. This is just a peaceful and wonderful experience that will improve your life if you accept the messages… This works great with headphones…

In Contrast, I would love for you to read this post.

Enjoy, Comment, Like, Share To Comb@ The Illness


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