Taught myself to blog in new ways.

Hey Ya’ll, just woke up feeling great and positive. Had a wonderful dream that I didn’t want to wake from, the most amazing and pleasant dream ever! I wanted to share with you, my fellow and future followers, my newest page to Illness Adaptation called SwagBucks. This post is merely trying to promote my new page to my wonderful followers and having them see it. I created this page (SwagBucks), because of my love for this site and the fun I have with it, it’s totally free and a ton of fun! Getting paid rewards for things you already do randomly on the internet. I wanted to share this with you and hope you have a great day. You can check out my new page by already enjoying yourself on my blog and simply clicking the SwagBucks tab at the top. 

Update: This post was originally created to promote my Swagbucks Page which has since then been deleted. So, as a note my links are directly to swagbucks referral, not a page on my blog. Still recommended…

Why Wait? Do It Here!

Already heard of SwagBucks and want to join for free? Go Here!

Have a great Friday everyone, today is a good day, you are blessed and happy…

Enjoy, Comment, Like, Share To Comb@ The Illness.


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