134 People Voted and 69% Said No

A few weeks ago I asked the question, “If it wouldn’t cost you any money would you want to change your first name?” To my surprise, 134 people voted on this survey that I created, more amazing were the results that I later found out.

Of the 134 people that voted, 92 people said that they would NOT change their name which is a pretty high number, since I had a hidden “maybe” option in the response.

Anyways, the shocking numbers that I saw were that 28 people (21 %) of those who voted would in-fact change their names if given the option and means to.

Wow, I had to think “what are parents naming their children that they would go against their birth name and rights to change it, were these names so horrific that they could not stand them?”

I mean you hear of people calling their child “Merry Christmas” or, “Apple,” how about “North West?” Ha! Okay, maybe there are reasons to change your names?

As for me, I am happy with my full name, it is unique and up until a few years ago I had never met anyone with the same first name as me. My full name is combined with 3 last names in it.

What you can learn from this parents is to focus on the child’s name and don’t just grasp ideas out of the air, this child will have to live with this name for the rest of their lives, they may even hate you for a terrible name in the long run. Teachers will butcher long and vowel induced names.

Just something to think about in this day and age when everyone wants a unique and powerful name. If you would like to see the full results of this survey and see how I make money completing online surveys (for reals, no joke) You can check out Click 4 Surveys and then join Toluna.com which will allow you to view my unique poll on the topic.

Or, simply put you can go here and NOT make any money while looking. Would you change your name?




2 thoughts on “134 People Voted and 69% Said No

  1. So, after reading your comment on my blog post called “What’s in a Name?” I’m wondering if some of your responders said, “YES” to wanting to change their name because they want to change it BACK to what their name was before they married and left the name they were born with. Would YOU change your last name to the last name of the person you loved?

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  2. Hm , that’s a good thought? I should take a follow up poll along those lines.

    As for me, being a man I would be traditional and give the lady my last name or, allow her to keep her maiden name if she so desires. I enjoy my name and have not the need to change it.

    Great thoughts, thanks for reading.


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