Thankful for you. 

A guy can be thankful for you can’t he? Thankful for you readers, new, old and just stopping in today to lift your spirits and grow consciously. Yes, thankyou kind sir’s and ladies for reading. How thankful are you today? 



8 thoughts on “Thankful for you. 

  1. Parker? Or Stetson? Either way I’m thankful today for life and family and lots of things.
    Love your posts and you.
    Have a great day and I hope it’s filled with peace and blessings, my friend.
    xx CC

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    1. Learn to prepare for anxiety hun. Meaning what can you do ahead of time to get good at or be proficient at the cause of your anxiety before the time comes when you have to endure. When you set yourself up to succeed in that task beforehand, anxiety will subside. Anxiety and fear are signals to prepare for something. Like a test, if u prepare, you walk in knowing, “I got this.”

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    2. Consciously, change your thought patterns about what gives you fear, (sorry for these trigger words) it takes time to change patterns but it’s an awesome awakening when you see the results.

      For instance, if you have anxiety around a certain person, prepare yourself ahead of time to love yourself, then keep thoughts of enjoying that person when you see them. What good things can you do, expect wonderful interactions with them. Tell yourself how much you enjoy being around people, learning from them, helping them. Overtime your thought patterns will change.

      Do this when your in an overly excited, euphoric feeling, because this will cement these new thought associations into your mind.

      Hope your well.

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