Balanced Body PH7.36

The art of body balance has made a comeback into my life as I focus on growing consciously each and everyday. Did you know that 1 out of 2 people will die of heart disease? If that doesn’t throw you back, how about 1 out of 3 will die of cancer?

Having lost 2 people in my life last year due to cancer, I powered up my knowledge on how to avoid cancer and crush it before it peaks it’s terrible little head.

Over the next 7-10 days, depending on how much hunger my body can take. I will focus all of my self-mastery on a full body cleanse. A cleanse to force out all of the accumulated bad shit that I have sabotaged my temple with over the years. Don’t you ever wonder why your body crashes in the middle of the day? If your body isn’t in balance I know you probably walk through life in a brain fogged sludge, right? I’m there too.

It’s Acid people, acid is the evil behind your sludge, puny, slothful existence. Acid floods the body via hard emotions like anger, frustration and stress. Soda’s, carbs and even protein at it’s ashes, give off acid.

This acid is what breaks down your muscle, your bones. Ever wonder why people shrink when they get older? Let me give you a hint, it’s not because they are supposed to. Acid will literally strip your cells of vital oxygen and kill them off which creates even more acid, I couldn’t believe it. I love coca-cola. That’s why I’ve cut back to 1 a day, still the headaches but hey, after this new cleanse I will be free from it all.

Paying attention? To balance my body and get it back on track I must dump alkaline in my body, cholesterol can’t live in an alkalized environment anymore than acid can. By making my body slightly more alkaline than acid, 7.36 PH, I will be in balance, powerfully energized.

Becoming alkalized skyrockets energy and kills off cancerous cells. Fact is that cancer and disease can not live in this environment. Think about when you dump massive amounts of coke into your system, day after day, then stop! You get the headaches, the sweating and brain confusion from the acid withdrawal, usually goes away after a few days of no soda. With a green drink cleanse the alkaline will kill off the acid and shoot it through your system, dumping it out, without the headaches and pain.

Wish me luck on my cleanse. You are more than welcome to join me, my drink of choice is wheat-grass mixed with water, and some green soups.

Super hydrate- Water, water, water all day.
3 Liters of Green Drink a Day- WheatGrass
Green Soups- Possibly

Are you learning from this? Cleansing will crush the toxins ass right out of my body and provide strength, energy, and kickassness. My growth has excelled powerfully in the last 15 days. Know, that there are steps to fighting mental illness and growing yourself to your best self.

You heard it from Parker-

P.S. Foods high in Alkaline are, Broccoli, Green Tea, Soy, Almonds, Asparagus. Basically anything that comes from plants, the ground and grows via sunlight. Sunlight is the fuel of life. No preservatives, and fried junk, I know I love it too, truth is it’s breaking our bodies down.


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2 thoughts on “Balanced Body PH7.36

  1. Sharing this! I know exactly what you mean by headaches caused from eating crap. Last week I had the worst headache of my life after eating dairy. I have learned by doing occasional cleanses that dairy does not agree with my body. And I have eaten it for years! But it causes too much mucus buildup in my body. Do you experience this with dairy? Or does this depend on our DNA makeup?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey, hey…
      Yep, different bodies, different makeup. My body tolerates dairy, my dads doesn’t, weird. But we all need to live in a slightly alkalined state, read your food labels. Sooo much acid isn’t there? Keep it green, though I love a bloody steak. :).

      Thanks for sharing. Enjoy.

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