Another side of recovery… High


I’ve been given the legal documents that state my need for using medical marijuana, aka ‘my script.’ Now, this is mostly new to me, which is why my consultation and seeing the doctor was so much appreciated.

The Dr. really gave me the run down on how I could use different strains of marijuana to balance myself out for variations that come to me in life.

She reassured me that this is a legal and alternative to harmful medications that are destroying my body, which is what I had mentioned.

My card will come in the mail soon, in the meantime, the script above will allow me to get started on treatment. I will start off slow and move up. Ironically, this is how Dr’s treat patients with pills. They started me off with 5mg and in no time I was up to 40mg.

If you are looking into alternative, healthier options to treatment may be getting a consultation and getting approved for a card is for you?

I am looking to get off of pills altogether, I was for years but recently I needed something to help out again. With CBD’s and gummies, I am looking to better body and mind with this new type of treatment for myself.

Marijuana use, when regulated, is as safe if not safer than using prescription drugs and pills. The problem is that a majority of those who don’t have loved ones suffering, cancer, or issues of any kind all want it banned. So the Government does not allow any extensive testing to be done, as they do with pills.

We just don’t get the facts that we need…

I think it could help me, and maybe others who suffer any kind of illness, pain, disorder, etc…
Learn more about using weed…

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4 thoughts on “Another side of recovery… High

  1. davebarclay1954 says:

    There is a need to be careful, but marijuana use as pain relief has been well documented in countries where it has always been legal. However, there are so many different strains now that the strength varies greatly and effects are unknown. Hope it does help you Parker, as it has helped so many others.

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    1. Stetson says:

      Thanks Dave, I actually have a great team and people who steer me the right way. Just got my medication today, and that’s how I’m going to use it.

      Sure, I’ve tried it in HighSchool and just before the Navy, but nothing since. The dispensary was extremely helpful and not trying to push everything on a rook.

      I’ll let you know how the journey goes. If you’d like to see the more exclusive me, I have an eMailer that I talk more candidly on.

      Means a lot. Thanks. How are things with you?

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