Sorrowful Fall Worsening

Sorrowful decline empty in disorder,
stagnation of deafness lurks toward the pale ignorance.

Harsh, agitation empties extreme outside the center,
Future, past, it’s not anyone’s way.

0 seconds of gasping in detracting from the atmosphere,
0 seconds of gasping out diminish the happiness that remains.

Lightness is constant if you must die,
Decide full obscurity, in other words, you can choose darkness.

It’s not up to you, the two are dying in another world,
as they live in it, break off the desire less asked for.

Sleep wipes the dreams away, hurridly noise races away,
Anxious actions accommodate affirmatively anywhere.

Chosen by those who choose,
choose yours, choose, choose.


Keeping both sides historically performs,
peace cannot fulfill duties when unhappy.

Awaiting your unique approval,
to the words discussed, Ironically enough.

The words are in stark contrast,
in contrast to euphoric rise,
previously wrote...


Photo by Jeremy Perkins on Unsplash

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