Let’s Start. Why Bulk Likers Suck

Are You Still Bulk Liking? This is something that’s been upsetting to myself and other bloggers since I started in 2014.

You Know Who You Are! 

Bulk liking is downright SPAM at its ugliest. The bloggers in my community who often write for themselves as much as for actual readers who need and enjoy reading are dealing with the lack of care and consideration for the hours the put into their craft.

I’m sure you’ve seen it. A newbie blogger, or worse yet a new marketing blogger (one whose sole purpose online is to ask for money) goes onto WordPress reader, finds your blog and all of your posts, only to scroll down and click “like” 36 times in 1 minute.

You’re shocked at the number of likes you received, except you realize this was done in an act of aggression to get you to log on to their blog. This bulk liker follows you only to have you follow them to grow their following.

Of course following bloggers in your community is fun, I follow blogs it’s what we do. I tend to actually read my followers articles and work. The problem with bulk likers is there is no consideration, no emotional connection to your work, bulk likers are purely self-satisfying with dangerous motives.

Of course, I enjoy LIKES as much as the next blogger. I’m sure you understand that the majority of your readers will scan most of your articles well enough to add their opinion. Think about the next time you encounter a bulk-liker. How does that make you feel, knowing that your articles were liked by some ass hole with a hidden agenda?

Unless you’re vain like that and need the satisfaction of likes whether your material was read or not?

And Bulk Followers?..

Let’s Stop Bulk Liking…


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2 thoughts on “Let’s Start. Why Bulk Likers Suck

  1. I’ve only read to of your posts so far and am already enjoying this! And I completely. I got that same “oh boy, likes” feeling until I scrolled through the same name for a good minute. The feeling that comes after is kind of like disappointment and irritation mixed together.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Glad you enjoy. I see your site has been deleted, do you have another domain?

    I do enjoy my true readers, don’t get me wrong… It’s not even that I care if they read everything or not, I’m not here to welcome 23 likes in 1 minute, knowing nothing was read…

    Hope to read some of your work #unique.


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