Anxious Breath -Retrospectively…

You tell me not to go into the past.
But you were really sweet and amazing and,
I won’t let you take those moments away.
Now I’m boxed in and the cave is,
getting smaller and darker with every shallow,
breath escaping,
searching for a neck to warm.

Image via Geralt


2 thoughts on “Anxious Breath -Retrospectively…

  1. So true, Soyer! Though it doesn’t always feel true at the moment! This feeling passed rather quickly, it was a text message to an old friend, she took it well enough, decided to turn it into a post.

    Thanks, for stopping and sharing your understanding…

    Stopped by your blog, your About Mission Against Depression Rocks, I’m looking forward to reading more! -This blog started out as a journal from the depressed man and turned into a platform to share the strength gained through writing thoughts and feelings.

    Stop by anytime, I’ll do the same!

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