Leave Free WordPress Behind -Embed Whatever You Want…

My latest desire is helping those who want something more out of their blogging. For those looking to engage the next phase of blogging this is for you!

WordPress.com blogging is a pretty great place to start blogging, as many of you know… But, you’ll soon realize how limited you really are.

My pissed off moment came when I needed to embed this really awesome how-to-video to help you with SEO, it installed fine. Then I hit publish and WordPress kicked it offline.

So, no video embeds…
No, Ads of my own,
No, unique HTML banners,
And worst of all I couldn’t download my favorite plugins.

Of course, you can purchase packages on WordPress.com to do everything I mentioned, but you’re still limited and it can get crazy expensive.

Which is why I taught myself to build self-hosted websites using WordPress…

Now, I’m a semi-expert… Hey, there’s always room to improve!

Understanding the struggles and limitations you may be having using free WordPress, I’d like to build your first Self-Hosted WordPress blog for free. 

This does require a hosting plan for just dimes a day, but you’ll be allowed to add whatever you want to your blog and no one can stop you! Well, other than the host itself, but they are the leader in hosting and will help you 24/7 along with my personal lifetime support…

Why am I doing this? I have freed my time and honestly, Hostgator pays me to do this service so that you don’t have to pay me.

If you’re ready to own your WordPress Blog, and you want to network, install plugins, Google ads and do whatever you want, head over to your free resource and check it out…

I’m serious, I’m ready to help you put your self-hosted blog together!

It just takes a few more seconds of your time. Head here to have me optimize your WordPress blog.

– I‘m only doing this for a limited time though, just until things start up again! Hurry, and I’ll get started right away.


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