The Critical Side Hits The Genius Tonight…

In a mind encapsulated by hatred for knowing its failures circle the vast net hourly.
This mind seeks to breakthrough the permanent block within, the fog inside unleashes stalemate…

“How many websites is it now? 3? Don’t get me started on blogs that yield slop.” – Failures mind…

Look around, count for me would you, the sites open, the logins and passwords kept by Google, the credit cards… The survey sites which began it ALL, even before Blogging…

Total dissemination of data hounds the senses, can’t escape, can you? Accounts are open, people may find others connecting the dots, yet you are:

In case you tried to submit something above, joke, joke, It’s the simplest form of HTML, literally… There is nothing attached, It’s all for my enjoyment as I learn to Code…

Case and point… I added some HTML Above: With Added Style and CSS.



Outside of Visual Editor, inside HTML and you can’t view it… Why?
Free WordPress Doesn’t Allow It! Which is why Self-Hosting Rocks!

I add what I want… I bring others on to my hosting for $5 bucks a month and add whatever we WANT! -Maybe that’s why the mind shifts?

Imagine if quitting was allowed inside a focussed mind, the years of blogging, site learning and building would’ve never sprouted… My Fast Cheap Best Blog Hosting is a handful to type let alone say… But it will get you going…

Digits don’t tire so, I’ve got many miles to go… Though I may be nearing the end of this [latest post] For those who may have forgotten the thoughts I’ve expressed in words… This asberger complex void screams, why? Yet, drives on looking for a breakthrough, Silence is loud, I can speak…

Have you forgotten the keys to the kingdom? Do you know you exist and are you alive?

<?php $imagecredit = ‘Nada’;
echo $imagecredit;



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