This One Goes Out To The Followers…

Yes, you… Thanks, for following.

It’s a pleasure to have you following my words. My words are written to guide and direct you to not fail miserably like I have. These words are meant to build you up, your brand, your online skills, blogging, and help you ease your depression… Because, Lord knows I’ve had that and fight every day to conquer.

My grandma said to me today, “I’m still learning something new every day.” -Think that’s amazing? She’s 92 years old… X-O Crazy right? There’s a wonderful lesson there, you may be getting older and even though you fail time and time again, count it as a learning experience and move on.

My writing sucks most days and my finger joints scream and ache in pain from the constant pounding they give to the keys beneath them. Sure, I’d like to quit writing some days. 99.5% of the world’s population would rather me quit I’m sure. But if you’re out there, maybe your friend or enemy reads my words and can benefit from my time online, the treadmill or life, then it’s worth it… – I think?

Most days I might not believe what I wrote above, because my anger fills and the pain fills my body… This is just another reason to push on. Isn’t it?

Who are we to let pain and frustration dictate our lives? When you stop allowing something as tiny as pain to stop you from achieving greatness, you win! And don’t you want to be a winner? I do, most days…

My goal for this upcoming season (fall, my favorite) is to learn everything possible about HTML and JavaScript. That’s HTML Elements, CSS Selectors, Attributes, Display: Flex; which is an amazingly simple way to build columns, rows, and place content inside for a responsive feel without a ton of bootstrap or code. You should give it a try…

This goal is already in full swing, it’s frustrating, draining and mundane, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth striving for. Think about the endless possibilities of back-end code design from scratch, it’s a blast! The pay is good too, but that’s not a reason to learn code…

Have a lost you?..

Continue doing what you enjoy, if it’s difficult, take a break and come back. Completing goals and tasks is the most satisfying experience you can ever have in your life. I think you enjoy my words to some degree or maybe you disagree and follow me for the controversy?

Whatever, either way, etc… The case may be. I enjoy seeing you reading my words and the feedback you give. Honestly, ‘Likes’ have lost meaning, I understand they’re here to stay… The vocal feedback is best.

Photo by Joel Muniz on Unsplash



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