UPDATE: Thanks for reading my blog, sharing and taking time out of your busy lives to comment on what I think is, “The best blog on my network!” Ha-

I see you have been visiting “ME” like never before, each day the views surpass the previous days. “Did I start to get FUNNY all of a sudden? Is my fly open?” I’m not sure what is responsible for the growth, please know that I am HONORED that you stopped in today! Tonight? 

What can I do to keep you here, AGAINST your will, (mwwahahah!) Seriously though what can I do to help you decide to stay? I’d love to read your blog. Thanks much, REALLY! (((:

In Illness Adaptation you will be engaged with the struggles we as humans face within the mind of one’s thoughts. I am no expert, I choose to type words of thought onto a screen to hopefully find a reason, a reason why anything is? If you choose to join me on this look into the mind of a person searching for a way out of the randomness of thoughts in his head, you are more than welcome to stay! ๐Ÿ™‚

The struggle for Insanity is deeply rooted within my thoughts, daily I fight a fight of endless, crazy, insanely brilliant ideas of traffic within my mind. In hopes of overcoming this, I write, I read, I get it out!

I have two blogs, and a website that keep me busy and involved, which eases the transit between good and upsetting thinking. I am Townsend, I write for myself and those who wish to fight the struggle inside their own minds.

My Awesome Blogs:

Illness Adaptation-

Journey To Making Money Online


Life Hacks-Personal Development.

Comb@ing Mental Illness While Becoming a Badass!415wlnvu2kl-_ss500_

You obtain ALL of this and more in my News Report.

Your Added Bonus will be a FREE copy of “Personal Development for People Like Me.” My self published Book, your’s FREE For Subscribing-Yes I Will Opt-In Here I Want The News Report!  


20 thoughts on “Me

    1. Welcome.
      And thank you for your comment.
      Check out my post “late night quick hacks from bed” I think I named it?” haha.
      That post should provide you some helps on building your audience and staying genuine.

      I am grateful for the follow.
      Again, thanks for stopping in and let me know if I can help, mum?


    2. Hey Stetson, where are you? I am in the UK. Actually sitting in bed eating cake. Normally I hate cake. I see you have had a pretty rough time of late. Hang on in there. Keep the writing going. Writing is a healer. Great, I will put the cake down and have a read x

      Liked by 1 person

    3. Up and Downs.
      Contrary to my articles I’ve had a good past few weeks, I think I am coming out of it again.
      My goal is to share Personal Development and comb@ing Illness through my life’s triumphs and trials.
      I am in the U.S. of A.
      Geez, read my blog, you can figure that out. Hehe.
      “Enjoy that cake, and eat it too.”

      Liked by 1 person

    4. Therapist?
      Very nice. I finally found a great one here in California.
      I’ve traveled in the service but never to U.K. We did West Pacs, Dubai, Aussie, Kuwait, etc.
      You’ll find I use sarcasm and blunt use of words on my blog.
      Not to worry I am never, really upset with you readers, its just my way of joking.
      You know,
      “Laughter, being the best medicine?” Even if its just funny to me i guess Haha.

      Hope the cake eating is going well.

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  1. Me using sarcasm as a way to laugh through the struggles? Nooo, never!
    I am THRILLED that you enjoyed your stay, I’d be delighted to talk.
    I’ll stop by your blog soon Kountry. (((:


  2. As always, enjoying your writing. I was looking for an email or something for you? I wanted to say thank you for tagging my post as one of the posts to read ๐Ÿ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Really!? You think so?
      I am thrilled that you have enjoyed yourself.
      The word grateful comes to mind when I think about it. If there’s topic within my realm that you wish me to cover, just ask…
      Really, I am grateful for your enjoyment!


      Liked by 1 person

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