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Mental Health Team (part 1)


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Can I share with you my thoughts and a little truth about your 3-way Mental Health Team? Life for you should be easier and less stressful when you take the steps to seek your Mental Health Team, not worse!

Let me ask you this, “do you feel more stress when dealing with your psychiatrist, does your medical doctor refuse to listen about your woes?” If so, it may be time to seek out other options as I am having to do.

Don’t get me wrong, my therapist is GREAT and has been helping me on this road to self-mastery, it’s the quack (not like a duck. I like them) of a psychiatrist that I have! It would seem to me that a doctor who is prescribing medications to a patient that he sees would be more than fine, if not obligated to sign some paperwork stating that I am under his care?

You see, over the past month I have been asking my psychiatrist for a note stating, “Stetson, is under my care and I prescribe him xxxxx medication, and he is not able to drive a PIT (Powered Industrial Truck) at this present time. Signed Dr. Quack.” Apparently, this is all too much to ask my Dr. to sign.

The first time I knew that I would be asked to drive a forklift at work I spoke up (isn’t that what you are supposed to do?) and let my work know of my apprehension in operating machinery while acclimating to the medication. I wanted to express that I was looking out for the safety of myself and the team. Work had sent me on a COF (certificate of fitness) which would give me 7 days to get paperwork signed from my doctor. (Ha!) 30 minutes after my work had taken me off for the seven days I was at my doctors office asking for the note. “Please fill out this form stating that you have dropped off notice for work, and this will take 10-15 days to get back to you.” She said. I’m like, “What! I need it in seven days, can you put a rush on it?” Nothing she could do. I got a call 2 weeks later stating that the doctor “would not fill out the paperwork” because, he himself did not take me off of work.

Uggh, I didn’t not need him to say he had taken me off of work, he just needed to state that I was under his care. This has been going on for a month or so, my therapist says, (Paraphrase) “he’s just trying to get out of signing any type of paperwork.”

I’ve been reading the reviews on this doctor, 22 reviews. 18 out of 22 give him 2 out of 5 stars or less :-o. Wow! And boy are they vocal?

I am just glad that I have spoken with my insurance company and they are now looking into the situation, they are APPALLED that he will not sign anything stating that I am under his care. Oh, “I did not take him off work.” is the only piece of paper that he signed after a month of trying.

No, I don’t want to lose my job over this. They are looking into accommodating me accordingly for my mental health, but without the note from the psychiatrist it shows them that I may be making it up? HA, which is not the case at all. My therapist is on board and now insurance…

Working with your Mental Health Team should give you and I a greater ability to make decisions and experience increased comfort in our relationship with others. Therapy may be painful and uncomfortable but episodes of discomfort can occur during the most successful sessions. However, I don’t feel I am getting the best results with the psychiatrist and his treatment is definately not suited to MY specific needs, when he causes me more STRESS. It’s time for me to seek another Doctor.

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Seriously why even follow?


Stole from Swag bucks

I’ve written about this before. People “following” just so I follow them or so I go back to their site and buy stuff.

As a great blogger once commented, Cass* said, “probably 75% of my followers don’t read my posts.” My mind has similar thoughts. It gets to where I will start doing some “blogger cleanup!”

What do you think? Have a happy Sunday, on this Vin Scully’s last day in the Dodger broadcast booth. ):

If I wasn’t an alcoholic…

If I wasn’t an alcoholic I’d drink everyday. I get mad at people who have one beer.

I’m like, “really, a beer? Who goes out and drinks 1 beer?”

People are like, “Well, its Saturday and I’ve had a hard week, I am going to have A beer.” No one has ever been drunk off of one beer.  Who are these people, these people wasting beer?

“Woooah, I had a beer and I’m done.” Well maybe you’ll go home and have 1 pump of sex before you sober up? Seriously, these “social drinkers?” I don’t get it, my brain can’t comprehend having a beer and stopping. You better get outta my way if we run out before I go to sleep.

Again, if I wasn’t such an alcoholic I would drink everyday. I like beer. 

What say you to this jokingly accurate portrayal? I’d love to hear your idioms, your stories, jokes. I am but a man writing, let me know you. Drunkard or social-terd?

I hate how close the comma is to the space bar. 

You know as well as I do that the comma on a smartphones virtual keyboard is damn near right on top of the space bar, if you use one that is. If your lucky and smart enough to have your old sidekick or blackberry you have an actual keyboard with raised and textured keys. 

There has to be a way to disable the comma or change the keypad around accordingly to your fat thumbs, I mean seriously my thumb hits comma more times than I have words in my articles. 

As a man blogging from his smartphone it’s very difficult to get on a roll when I have to continually go back and delete commas. Does it honestly have to be so close to the spacebar? 

I surely can’t be the only one with this issue and the manufacturers have got to know about the annoyance by now. I will get to the bottom of this. “Frustrated blogger here, with thumb cramps.” 

The days of the old sidekick were wonderful, I could type like a dream, speedy as light, no having to go back and delete unwanted commas. 

The trouble with deleting commas is that the damn autocorrect will change actual words to screwy illiterate mumblings which must also be deleted and rewritten.  

You and I could always talk to type or use a laptop, which I do sometimes. But if you’ve ever tried to write blog articles via smartphone virtual keypad you surely know the difficulties and irritation involved?  

See! I literally had to delete a whole section because everytime I tried to delete the comma it would delete part of the word and make new jumbled words. The joys of blogging via smartphone.