My favorite color is, African American…

Carl=Black Lenny=White...
Carl=Black, Lenny=White...


When chicks “want IT,” do they want it right away? Or can I finish my book first?

The second wildcard is a joke. Maybe I’m biased because the Dodgers never need it. But when Baseball allows teams below .500 in the playoffs, I be like whaa? Just another way to sell more seats, hot dogs, etc… smh. “Bc not enough teams got into the playoffs.” Really? It wasn’t an issue the first 120years.

Breaking News: Riverside Police Department has replaced all police sirens with the National Anthem, to force suspects to stop running upright and take a knee…

Facebook, quit asking me if I want to blow my money by boosting my posts…

#TuesdaysGone Lynyrd Skynyrd

Don’t let this dodger win distract you from the fact that in 1966 Al Bundy once scored 4 touchdowns in a single high school football game, for the Polk high panthers. Against his nemesis spare-tire Dixon.

He who has a WHYto live can bear almost any how.

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Longer #one

Understand it must be done,
with this in mind you have no choice.

See the mission complete,
long before deployment.

Over and over the details,
this is the way to complete the objective.

Help your mind to believe,
this way you’ll see it to fruition.

Push forward, continue on,
gasping for air the lungs aching.

When you want it more than you want to breathe,
you’re in the elite mindset needed.”


This will drive you further than your body can,
choose your purpose wisely.

Once the purpose is larger than anything in the world,
That’s when the focus becomes second nature.

Do you understand?
Has your mind seen this state yet? 

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Euphoric Rise Revisioned

Euphoric rise flowing in rhythm,
Revisions of sound creep towards the glowing mind.

Calm, calmness fills the space within the sphere,
Time does not exist, it’s your way now.

4 seconds of breath in detracting from the atmosphere,
4 seconds of breath out diminish the pain that once was.

Darkness is constant if you must live,
Decide full obscurity, in other words, you can choose illumination.

It’s entirely up to you, the two are living in your world,
as they live in it, break off the desire less asked for.

Sleep wipes the dreams away, hurridly noise races away,
Anxious actions accommodate affirmatively anywhere.

Chosen by those who choose,
choose yours, choose, choose.


Keeping both sides presently doesn’t perform,
pain cannot fulfill duties when content.

Awaiting your unique approval,
to the words discussed, Ironically enough.