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Four Reasons You Don’t Peruse a Ton of Books

     I’ve been studying the interesting and compelling science behind why people like you don’t read more books.

     I have come up with powerful concepts that contribute to you reaching your goals to read more.

Smart people read books, right? Then why are you not finishing those exhilarating books that hooked you in the first few chapters? You left them in the drawer next to you only 30% complete. Why is that?

     Here’s why in a nutshell. Reading books is just tedious even with the most popular authors. The facts show that the numbers of books being left unread are climbing. Meaning, people are reading a lot less. This is due to overexposure to media, television, internet and constant activity in the world. People have gotten used to our microwave, instant gratification and immediate Google answers mentality and, therefore, have no patience for tedious, long winded reading.

1. No access to books?

     Isn’t it much easier to sit down and flip on the television than to walk outside, start up your car, and drive to the local library or Barnes and Noble? A book store, a place where you will scour thousands of books looking for one or two that you may want to read? It’s a time consuming process indeed.

     Not having your book close to you when you have down time to read will make reading less important to you. If you are seeking instant gratification, going to the library takes time and therefore the pleasure out of reading. By the time you get the book, your thoughts of reading have gone away.

2. You don’t see reading as a reward do you?

     It’s a fact that you are one of two types of readers. Either you gain huge satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment when you finish a novel. Or, you don’t associate reading with a big enough reward for your life.

3. Who has the time, right?

     You might think time is precious and that reading a book takes that time away. Some people save their reading for traveling on a plane, commuting on a train, long car rides or while sitting in a waiting room. And, some just see reading as taking too much time out of their day altogether, not embracing the useful, practical information gained from a good how-to book.

4. You can’t afford to read.

     Buying books is an expensive endeavor these days. You may not have the resources to buy the books that you are interested in. You probably find yourself buying a few books adding value to your life, but buying more would tap you out completely.

My Final Thoughts and Advice:

In closing here is how I overcame my lack of progress on my stack of books to be read…I carried one with me whenever there was a possible window of opportunity to read. And I subscribed to Kindle Unlimited. If you would like to know more about that product, check back tomorrow.

      I’ll show You how to Gain Access to Thousands of books in 10 seconds, adding hours of time to your day that you would have spent looking at books, this resource is free, which means that you can afford books. 


Maddening Passion of A Man Hitting The Keys.


 Thoughts pressed together in translucent scans of time. The brain hardwired to underscore commitment of steeds. Dressley impressed words unite as one on an open screen of Universities vastness.

Healing rain does what it does, it’s all it knows. What have I done, when I look into my fathers eyes, bit by bit, I realize. Clapton at his best, comes out from angered repetition, not wanting to fail this time.

Naturally, colors fade to black, stars streak, milky way not just a candy bar, clouds are deep, like a bridge that was washed away. Riders on the storm, have you seen the accident outside, seven people died, six bachelors and theiiiiiir bride.

Stubs create words from obsessionely pounding digits, because they know nothing else on the keyboard of life. Degrees drop as I heat up, rolling down the boulivarde of creating endless sounding words of a single script.

Where do they all belong? Help you, change you, you decide and it will happen. Take the jump, 3 miles to the river that would carry me away.



Read my new book, if you love it, let me know. Please and thank you.

Half a mile to the downtown bar, that I ran to in disgrace.

Back when I was a poet…(Madly Unscripted)

Unscripted, music pounding the ears, like yesteryear. Cracking the keys, fingers in rapid fashion. You gotta spend some time with me, love, spend time with me, and I know that you will find love, I will possess your heart.

Frigid cold keeps me strong, body shivers to warm my muscles with heat friction. When soul meets body, and let the sun wrap it’s arms around me. Coke stares from the bottle across my stare, change your life’s blue print, if you are down.

The depressed are failing to meet the life that they have set for them inside their minds, this is why you become this way. Change your Life’s Blue Print (Expectations) and you will gradually become happier as your new blue print is inline with your life and achievements.

BREAKING OUT! Conscious Awareness enlightens it all around, making sound. Lets rock at life, Lets get those Stalkers out of it, Push through the script, wait for the rain to end the pain. Burn your hearts desires, FEEL what you NEED, GRAB IT! Don’t be alarmed, KEEP GROWING, DON’T you FUCKING stop! You FIGHT!

KICK those Doubts OUT! I remember back when I was a poet, I wrote in high school, a tourist in my own world, the destination with so many places to call home. When I played the villain because of the Illness! Now I seek to Powerful Life Changes @

Black out night, the mind shifts into consciousness. You must THINK Conscious all days, quit allowing your subconscious to write the script, ending in only randomness with no goals, no output, no path. Kind of how I am writing now!

Goals are your foundation, start there. DEFINE them to their core, lest you die without them, they will change over time as you evolve into the FUCKING brilliant masterpiece that you are. Cusses to drive the point home, as my boot camp RDC’s did.

WIN, because its in your life’s blue print, it must be. Write the Script now.


Tao of Badass- escaping the friend zone

Escaping the friend zone-

Even a good looking dude like myself has been there, the dreaded friend zone. If you say you haven’t been “friend zoned” then your probably the one doing the zoning to your friends. “Knock it off!” It all starts when the lady you are seeking starts using “we” when she is talking about you, if she says things like, “I’m glad you are around,” or, flat out says, “Your a good friend,” you have the beginnings of THE FRIEND ZONE!


Kate and Hurley- Been Friend-Zoned!

The friend zone happens almost always entirely by accident and sadly, this is an accident that can be very hard to recover from, if ever. The Tao of Badass mentions that the INTERACTION the man has with the woman can land him, “friendly” and without any further sexual appeal thereafter. Did you get that? From the moment we know a person exists our mind is making judgments as to how this relationship or friendship will turn out. The hottie is wondering if you are a good man to take home to her mother, would you buy her a drink at the bar, or just start talking to strangers? The interactions between you two will inevitably place you into her sub-conscious categories, and you do not want to linger on the side of friendship of first impression if she’s a smoking hot and your looking to strike the fire!

There’s only a few possibilities of getting out of the friend zone once you have been put there by your counterpart. The danger in trying to get out of the friend zone can be destructive to your even platonic relationship, you will have to risk much in order for her to see you as something MORE again. Your much better off knowing how to stay out of the friend zone in the first place. Which is what I am learning and why I am passing this on to you.


Note* Touch should be given soon after you are interested and knowing that you WANT HER more than a friend, the longer the friendship drags on without any touch will further put you into her friend zone, if not over for book club and trying to set you up with her gay friends.

Different Phases of Touch-

Phase: Attraction- Mentality of a boy ( Soft Touch)

Phase: Rapport – Mentality of a Friend

Phase: Seduction- Mentality of a MAN (you know how she likes it! (Badass)

I merely touched on a few topics within The Friend Zone, if you would like to read the entire chapter let me know? Do yourself a solid and stay tuned for my next synopsis on The Tao of Badass while following my steps to self-mastery…

I want to get a copy of this chapter into your hands so we can read it together and review it! Lets Learn Together. SO- For your free e-copy of “The Friend Zone” SHOOT ME THE INFO BELOW and it’ll be on it’s way.

What’s your friend zone story? Did you ever break the mold and become a badass? I’d like to know. Shhh your secret is safe… 

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