Versions of The Self: Book Review

Having finished my last book, I ran into an exciting bit of poetry (my favorite) writing. It's more than just poetry, it's chapters journal the life of Christy Birmingham in deep philosophical meaning. Reading like a novel, this book of poetry style energized my mind in powerful ways... Birmingham shows her writing talents are way... Continue Reading →


How To Ask About My First Book Like A Boss

“If you are interested in or curious about really changing your life, let Parker Townsend walk you through his experience." -friend Personal growth, resilience, depression and a warrior mindset, It's all here... Ask Me Questions About My Book... There's always time for readers Q&A for my books. Today, you can ask the author anything you'd... Continue Reading →

Behind Her Mask was Death-Amazon

You've heard, "Innocent until proven guilty." Well, Devon must fight for his innocence in this powerful page-turner. Mystery, Murder, Death, Detective, It's all here... My Official Amazon Review Source From Author Aria E. Maher: Behind Her Mask was Death

Behind Her Mask was Death

Looking for NEW Ground Breaking Authors? Aria E. Maher is a safe bet. I've written a premature book review for my latest page-turner. I'm amazed at the depth of detail written inside this book. If you're looking for a young mystery novel with relatable characters then I suggest you get to reading... Aria Maher, is... Continue Reading →

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