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People be like?

Illegals be like, “nooo, where’s Obama?”
Iran be like, “nooo, where’s our money that Obama sent?”
Muslims be like, “Welcome back brother, good job on destroying our enemy nation.”
Left be like, “Criminals make good presidents.”
Left also be like, “Trump is the only president that is following through on his campaign promises, he should be impeached.”

via the mind of Parker T.

Fine world of Cannabis, Want to get high?

CBD’s is an acronym for Cannabis, tends to be without the THC. I have been looking into this as a healthier option for treatment, to discard the dangerous pills that the doctor prescribes now.
I am a born again Christian who is looking into the effects of using medical marijuana. “why is it that alcohol is legal, it kills people every day, I never hear of marijuana deaths.” I’m an alcoholic, I have been sober for a ton of time and I am looking for non-addictive, healthy, herbal ways to cure my anxiety and depression.
Did you know that you can get help online? A website will provide a questionnaire, fill it out, answer some medical questions, provide a picture and a scan of your driver’s license and you’ll be able to see your card right there and seek consultations.
Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar, Suicidal Thoughts and a ton more, it’s healthier than pills, the government wants money so they need to regulate it.
I was so against this in the past, I realize that was media’s intent.