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The Free Thought Blog: Breaking

Free Thought Blog

What you’re reading this on, started out as a free thought blog. Meaning, I set out to write anything in my mind, if you have been fortunate enough to stumble upon these words, you may feel the sudden stress of force feeding random thoughts down your throat.

Honestly, though, I geared this blog more towards overcoming the thought that I was mentally ill, over time I realized that I was conditioning my own demise by the thoughts that I dwelt on day in and day out.

Believe it or not, this is an overcoming kind of free thought blog, I took the knowledge I learned about the illness and built myself up into a powerful, strong man.

Of course, you’ll see some fishing posts here and another randomness about being a badass, as I am looking back within my mind.

The truth is: I am writing this to allow you the time to get a feel for my style, now, I will steer you towards my newest blog on Personal Development and how I cope with Anxiety, Anger, and Depression with the use of Medical Cannabis, yep that’s right I legally use this to mask the symptoms of my demise. giphy (2)

Prescription pills are killing you, every year people within your family, friends, and co-workers die of an overdose from Anxiety meds and Depression killers.

CBD’s are low in THC, this is what I use to control my highs and lows and still remain functional in society. Did you know that 72% of pill purchases are down this year alone, with the introduction of Cannabis? Read More©

Quick Access to What You Want, Blog

The new blog has vivid imagery, special operations GIF’s mixed beautifully with helpful resources to help you turn your life around, by reading this blog you can progress your mastermind life and grow exceptionally better, with peaceful comfort knowing that the illness can be done away with (in a sense) and with that grow to help others and pay it forward. 

I encourage you to click here to go to my blog and see the hype that I am falsely creating. Though, I think it’s pretty neat. I’d like to know your thoughts, if you’ve been following me here for a while I think you will enjoy this powerful new upside to a masterful life. Go here to see the 8 powerful reads that can help you build your life.


Another side of recovery… High


I’ve been given the legal documents that state my need for using medical marijuana, aka ‘my script.’ Now, this is mostly new to me, which is why my consultation and seeing the doctor was so much appreciated.

The Dr. really gave me the run down on how I could use different strains of marijuana to balance myself out for variations that come to me in life.

She reassured me that this is a legal and alternative to harmful medications that are destroying my body, which is what I had mentioned.

My card will come in the mail soon, in the meantime, the script above will allow me to get started on treatment. I will start off slow and move up. Ironically, this is how Dr’s treat patients with pills. They started me off with 5mg and in no time I was up to 40mg.

If you are looking into alternative, healthier options to treatment may be getting a consultation and getting approved for a card is for you?

I am looking to get off of pills altogether, I was for years but recently I needed something to help out again. With CBD’s and gummies, I am looking to better body and mind with this new type of treatment for myself.

Marijuana use, when regulated, is as safe if not safer than using prescription drugs and pills. The problem is that a majority of those who don’t have loved ones suffering, cancer, or issues of any kind all want it banned. So the Government does not allow any extensive testing to be done, as they do with pills.

We just don’t get the facts that we need…

I think it could help me, and maybe others who suffer any kind of illness, pain, disorder, etc…
Learn more about using weed…

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Fine world of Cannabis, Want to get high?
eMailer is the new blog

eMailer is the new blog

Turning my eMailer into the writing source for the newest side of Illness Adaptation has huge advantages for myself and those on that list. The next few weeks will prove exceptional to blog the least.  Continue reading

You Didn’t Ask, I Just Assumed… (ProStaff Affiliates)

My Illness Adaptation family, howdy. Are any of you off to a good start to the weekend? I hope so!

Me, I’m just kicking back in my work chair, the keyboard on my lap and staring at my new 24inch monitor, smiling as you stare back at me. The past few weeks have been a ride, for sure, one that I wouldn’t forget for all the Gliss fishing line in the world.

You see, I’ve been reaching out to people who have a passion for fishing and who want to share that passion with the world when I come across those type of anglers I try to grab them up for my business. These are people molded by the same desire to fish and make a living out of it, the same as me.

After a few days of running a few non-paid Facebook requests and affiliates apps, I selected two people for a ProStaffing Affiliate position on team EasyKasting. I am so powerfully pumped and excited for what the spring and summer seasons will bring to my business, with these two ProStaffers backing my brand.

Reasons for building up a team are simple, yet profound. #1 it builds awareness, allows others to talk about the brand and generates sales, as the ProStaffers are out there putting in work, the main reason.

#2 is that I have received to ProStaffing requests for myself, from two awesome fish and tackle companies, BIG NAMES. Ardent Reels have allowed me to join their team this season to engage, share and build relationships with people who have the potential of loving their gear as much as I do. Tasun Lure Retrievers is the other company that I have teamed up with to engage the audience around my city, state and the world, so that I may help them grow.

Before I go any further, I am still giving away my free Essential Guide to Bass Fishing for anyone on Illness Adaptation that wants a copy to read, or, share with your friends.

Don’t go now though, I’d like you to read the rest, sooo excited for myself and company.

I am so passionate about helping people find and welcome these brands into their tackle boxes, that I have allowed myself to bring on a staff of my own. I have been working diligently on creating NEW Exciting Ways to deliver content to anglers in a way that is So simple for my ProStaffers that they can literally get clicks within minutes, that’s the goal! By creating Insanely Easy tools for promoting my business, I allow my ProStaffers more time to share the real, true stories that drive people to want more.

In reality, this allows me more time to share content for those who have allowed me onto their team, make sense?

My unboxing video of Ardent Reels has over 85views right now and a couple of shares. If you would like to step into my tackle arsenal and see my new reels, sponsored gear, decals and much more, I would advise you to please watch the video here, in the right sidebar.

NOTE* This is not for sales purposes, in fact, I am not authorized to sell these products, but only to share them with the fishing community.

Thanks again, for always reading and watching me grow from a person whom though he had an illness, to a person who has built a great drive and is seeking to live out his passion in life.


P.S. Incase the video link above is broken, please watch my Unboxing Video Here. There are some stumbles and cracks that you will enjoy.