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Updated the Podcast to a NEW site and added some valuable content that helps me BREAK the traffic barrier using SEO.

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Wanted to let you know that my useful recommended products are ones I came across in growing my blog, business and kindle author profiles.

One Keyway to BOOST your online exposure is through gratitude. Gratitude and honesty are still the greatest skills that I’ve had the brains to add to my online experience.

The family may call you dumb, (I thought I was) a child, lazy, have you heard any others? Worse? Push forward online, don’t allow these lies to get you down.

Listen in to My Unscripted Podcast if you’re bored and have nothing better to do than listening to some dude tell you about his joys of writing books, using software products and engaging with you guys and gals online.

Also, note that adding AUDIO to your written blogs help a ton when you gain readers who may not understand your written words, illiterate and or, blind… Hey, someone could have gotten them to your blog.

So, on my EasyKasting (Fisherman Blog) I’ve integrated Audio into my written blogs to increase the engagement factor and help those who are tired of reading. It’s a great way for your readers to listen to your posts as they search other blogs, sites, and do whatever it is they think they are accomplishing online. 



Prime Bass and Beastly Enjoyed Randomly.

First off, Woah! What happened to WordPress? Not sure if I like it just yet. It’s changed. I’ve been working on my website for a long while and gaining ground on the spring time bass fishing.

I just wanted to share that the Illness has subsided a lot. The new profound focus on living out my dream of fishing for a living is paying off. is now getting to where I like it, more and more, just had an amazing comment about the site, I share his enthusiasm.

Wooow! Looks a thousand times better, great job!

Among working on the site, I have been putting in requests to carry major quality brand products within the fishing industry. That’s right, I will be carrying Lew’s Reels, Esox Rods (the best in the game) and my own line up of Easy Kasting gear, which I am working on manufacturing and putting my own labels and brand on.

This all coming from a man who thought he was ‘mentally ill,’ embrace the suck and live out your dreams. Be kickass.

If you know anyone who wants to gain knowledge about fishing, maybe you do, or your friends and family? You might already know about fishing and just want to check out my new brand too, that’s fine. is the gateway to finding quality gear and insane angler knowledge from the entire industry of fishing. Let them in on it.

Before I forget, I can’t leave my boys from Ardent Reels out. Created in America by American minds and manufactured overseas to give amazing quality at better prices than competitors who manufacture in the U.S. The Ardent Grand reel is insanely well built for standing up to the elements in my bass fishing adventures. You can see their products on the site too. Better yet, check out some of the videos. 

You know as I write this, I can’t hold in the excitement! I have outsourced a few of my ideas to gain a brand that anyone would be proud to sport, not just anglers. I’ve had some major graphics designed which will become my new T-shirts, apparel, and hats, so unbelievingly stoooked!

Want Exclusive Illness Adaptation Content? Learn the Real Me Here… 

Succeed with me and help others, Pay it Forward. Read More…

Thanks, to this blog and the continued feedback, love and kindness from the community I ham truly living out my dreams, sure the income is minimal at this point but the satisfaction of making a difference in the fishing industry which I love, is far greater than the amount of income I could ever earn.

Which is why 10% of all my sales go towards C.A.S.T for Kids foundation. This foundation helps the physically and mentally disabled gain the proper supervision and resources to find themselves out on the lakes and fishing for days of fun!

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mindless thoughts

Rain, pouring down.

Dry gone, until rain dries.

Emotionless man captures fish in thought,

Reeling in only false scenes, never anything real on the hook.

Drops hit the lake, splashing erratic as love.

I sell FUN! and I work FUN! I don’t work, I Fish… You Can Too @ EasyKasting


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