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The Free Thought Blog: Breaking

Free Thought Blog

What you’re reading this on, started out as a free thought blog. Meaning, I set out to write anything in my mind, if you have been fortunate enough to stumble upon these words, you may feel the sudden stress of force feeding random thoughts down your throat.

Honestly, though, I geared this blog more towards overcoming the thought that I was mentally ill, over time I realized that I was conditioning my own demise by the thoughts that I dwelt on day in and day out.

Believe it or not, this is an overcoming kind of free thought blog, I took the knowledge I learned about the illness and built myself up into a powerful, strong man.

Of course, you’ll see some fishing posts here and another randomness about being a badass, as I am looking back within my mind.

The truth is: I am writing this to allow you the time to get a feel for my style, now, I will steer you towards my newest blog on Personal Development and how I cope with Anxiety, Anger, and Depression with the use of Medical Cannabis, yep that’s right I legally use this to mask the symptoms of my demise. giphy (2)

Prescription pills are killing you, every year people within your family, friends, and co-workers die of an overdose from Anxiety meds and Depression killers.

CBD’s are low in THC, this is what I use to control my highs and lows and still remain functional in society. Did you know that 72% of pill purchases are down this year alone, with the introduction of Cannabis? Read More©

Quick Access to What You Want, Blog

The new blog has vivid imagery, special operations GIF’s mixed beautifully with helpful resources to help you turn your life around, by reading this blog you can progress your mastermind life and grow exceptionally better, with peaceful comfort knowing that the illness can be done away with (in a sense) and with that grow to help others and pay it forward. 

I encourage you to click here to go to my blog and see the hype that I am falsely creating. Though, I think it’s pretty neat. I’d like to know your thoughts, if you’ve been following me here for a while I think you will enjoy this powerful new upside to a masterful life. Go here to see the 8 powerful reads that can help you build your life.


Golden populations, death not ends it, Awake, Shake Dreams from your Hair my Pretty child…

Age, perilous in its youth. Cracking comes loud out of darkness into whiskey in the water, and there is death upon the vine.

The mind circles, so strange, so true to honesty, all the plans that came undone. The black turns into shades of light, Jim Morrison you’re out there alive, did they not see the accident outside? 6 Bachelor’s and their bride, awake from death and Jim is the one who lives on, through rapid emotions of trillions.

Minds thoughts never stop understanding, searching and knowing all in one about the Lizard King, Beyond a master poet, he is poetry, he very being, his presence, without the slithering lizard king, an LA Woman is simply a woman from LA, but This is not THE END her beautiful friend, with Him, Jim, death is merely an escape from the ravenous dog beast that cracks his name in the night.

He is unprofound without an audience, what better way to reunite with the king than from death? Death not ends it, my friend,

Dry blood beast is the moon, massive creator of being, grant us one more hour. The mind of a man who does not end his life on earth, how long will your words last? Shouting out vastly into the desert valley, jumping off the mounds of dirt, your voice will shout from mountains, bounce from the stars, forget you not, it can not be done.

Not without me on this earth, I carry on your words in my heart, mind, and soul. I come close, no I don’t, but allowing grand populations to hear words, keeps the name alive.


eMailer is the new blog

Turning my eMailer into the writing source for the newest side of Illness Adaptation has huge advantages for myself and those on that list. The next few weeks will prove exceptional to blog the least.  Continue reading

Fishing + Quality = Edge?

Quality comes from pride, not the kind of show off pride that leads to confrontation and lack of discipline. No. The kind of pride that makes man want to achieve the very best, not just for themselves, but others in the community.

As an avid angler I look for the very best in fishing tackle, I do not settle for the second rate Wal-Mart tackle, I pride myself in knowing what is quality made craftsmanship and this is almost always done by local state fisherman who realizes change can make a better bait, reel or rod.

Learn more about helping others and yourself by reading more…

In my Pro Staffing this year I have come across and now Promote for, “hands down some of the best rods on the planet. The detail, patience and handcrafted precision that go into these rods is astounding, and on the edge of perfection.”

No, I don’t only say this as someone who promotes them and gets paid to do so. Truth is, I don’t get paid by this team, unless through my own site and team. But, that’s not what I am here to say.

From amateur, couple times a year fishermen, climbing the ranks all the way to tournament bass winning anglers, these performance rods act on a style of their own. You can cast 20% farther than other rods at the same weights, with smooth glide eyelet molding. Slight sensitivity levels from heavy bass rods are seldom seen, this is not the case when it comes to Gary’s rods.

In the late 1970’s, Gary started a regional company called Wellington Products that made fishing rods into the mid-80’s. In the early 80’s, he won a large AFTMA fishing tournament in Florida competing against anglers from around the world.

You see what I’m getting at? These rods are not built by mass producing companies to be found in every tackle store around the world. They are in fact made by hand from a team of experienced anglers who know that catching fish is just plain fun! And, to have fun fishing, the elimination of low-quality equipment, prone to breaking, must take place before you nonchalantly pick that equipment.

Which is why I am sharing my story, not just mine, but other anglers reviews, to help you decide whether you want to waste time and effort, buying cheaply made gear, that will break down and cost more.  Or.

To learn about the Esox Edge Course, which will save that time and effort 10 fold over the course of many fishing ventures. You can beat the hell out of these rods, and the will continue to catch fish time and time again. Try that with a, well I won’t name drop other brands but, the yellow and black color combo of Wal-Mart rods.

Easy Kasting has begun Lure Making

It’s been a long time coming that Easy Kasting would have it’s own spinner baits, bass jigs, and prime tackle to show the fishing industry that EK can produce their own numbers.

I have been in the shop the last week and a half, getting it charged up and ready to integrate my own tackle for fellow anglers. Samples have been created, testers will soon be contacted, giving way to a new milestone in #EKPrimeTackle’s realm.

As it stands, I am awaiting Pro-Tech powder coat paint, highly anticipated new epoxy formula to withstand chips and cracks of everyday use, among other production tools for my new annihilator spinner baits.

Tight Lines.

Please, don’t forget to check out the Esox Edge free course in choosing quality over quantity fishing rods. The Esox Edge Course.

If you’re looking to buy new gear for your next time out on the lake, it wouldn’t hurt to get the course sent to you before you go, would it? You may learn something about fishing.

Give me a call @ +1 844 EZ-KAST-7

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