mindless thoughts

Rain, pouring down.

Dry gone, until rain dries.

Emotionless man captures fish in thought,

Reeling in only false scenes, never anything real on the hook.

Drops hit the lake, splashing erratic as love.

I sell FUN! and I work FUN! I don’t work, I Fish… You Can Too @ EasyKasting


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Bypassing Resistance



High Resistance comes in many forms, the fear of not wanting to let someone down, it is present in you who lack the ability to trust someone, I assure you this will help us communicate and see views from others like ourselves within the community.

I am speaking of my Blog Carnival one person has written her article |Self-Esteem|, she poured her heart and soul into the script, she linked the post and I linked back to her. It’s a start for sure, won’t you come join me at my Blog Carnival?  There is still time to submit your post before Friday, if you need a preview you can head over to my Powerful Life Changes blog and see my article on the topic of |Self Esteem|.

May I help you? Can we build our lives into a community, open the doors, windows and tear down the walls? The Blog Carnival is approaching, I am going to enjoy this along with my friend who spoke so loudly in her words.