I Saw Massive results and I Thought of you

Let’s talk about massive results. Today’s podcast goes over six truths that I live by, in order to grow powerfully each day. I want you to learn how to make yourself at home with massive results.  Continue reading


The altitude makes me pee

Big Bear Lake

Awwwkward? Nah I’m a Man, doesn’t bother me… –Stetson of Badass

Big Bear is a mile high, 7114 feet at certain points, some reach upwards of 8000 feet. It stands to reason that the O2 is thin, and you are wise to drink a ton of water at this altitude. 

As I acclimate, I swear I piss every 25mins it seems. The headaches haven’t hit me yet, these usually start by the second day. To add to all this, breathing is shallow and gets difficult to catch my breath. I am a swimmer though, so my lungs are good. 

A week or so and the high alt conditions usually subside! How about you? Ever lived rural? Done high altitude living? Stay tuned for more about Comb@ing life and Self-Mastery!

!Friday Night Funk¡

Learn how I got off my ass and organized my room… – Learn how I BEAT my funk and laziness one weekend.

Friday night depression got you down? Check out this blast from the PAST article about me getting off my ass and out of the funk! 

Enjoy the best weekend that you can. I’ll be fighting and comb@ing the illness with you¡ Don’t buy the batteries if they’re not included, you’ll have to buy them again. 

Trigger Warning-