Fishing + Quality = Edge?

Quality comes from pride, not the kind of show off pride that leads to confrontation and lack of discipline. No. The kind of pride that makes man want to achieve the very best, not just for themselves, but others in the community.

As an avid angler I look for the very best in fishing tackle, I do not settle for the second rate Wal-Mart tackle, I pride myself in knowing what is quality made craftsmanship and this is almost always done by local state fisherman who realizes change can make a better bait, reel or rod.

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In my Pro Staffing this year I have come across and now Promote for, “hands down some of the best rods on the planet. The detail, patience and handcrafted precision that go into these rods is astounding, and on the edge of perfection.”

No, I don’t only say this as someone who promotes them and gets paid to do so. Truth is, I don’t get paid by this team, unless through my own site and team. But, that’s not what I am here to say.

From amateur, couple times a year fishermen, climbing the ranks all the way to tournament bass winning anglers, these performance rods act on a style of their own. You can cast 20% farther than other rods at the same weights, with smooth glide eyelet molding. Slight sensitivity levels from heavy bass rods are seldom seen, this is not the case when it comes to Gary’s rods.

In the late 1970’s, Gary started a regional company called Wellington Products that made fishing rods into the mid-80’s. In the early 80’s, he won a large AFTMA fishing tournament in Florida competing against anglers from around the world.

You see what I’m getting at? These rods are not built by mass producing companies to be found in every tackle store around the world. They are in fact made by hand from a team of experienced anglers who know that catching fish is just plain fun! And, to have fun fishing, the elimination of low-quality equipment, prone to breaking, must take place before you nonchalantly pick that equipment.

Which is why I am sharing my story, not just mine, but other anglers reviews, to help you decide whether you want to waste time and effort, buying cheaply made gear, that will break down and cost more.  Or.

To learn about the Esox Edge Course, which will save that time and effort 10 fold over the course of many fishing ventures. You can beat the hell out of these rods, and the will continue to catch fish time and time again. Try that with a, well I won’t name drop other brands but, the yellow and black color combo of Wal-Mart rods.

Easy Kasting has begun Lure Making

It’s been a long time coming that Easy Kasting would have it’s own spinner baits, bass jigs, and prime tackle to show the fishing industry that EK can produce their own numbers.

I have been in the shop the last week and a half, getting it charged up and ready to integrate my own tackle for fellow anglers. Samples have been created, testers will soon be contacted, giving way to a new milestone in #EKPrimeTackle’s realm.

As it stands, I am awaiting Pro-Tech powder coat paint, highly anticipated new epoxy formula to withstand chips and cracks of everyday use, among other production tools for my new annihilator spinner baits.

Tight Lines.

Please, don’t forget to check out the Esox Edge free course in choosing quality over quantity fishing rods. The Esox Edge Course.

If you’re looking to buy new gear for your next time out on the lake, it wouldn’t hurt to get the course sent to you before you go, would it? You may learn something about fishing.

Give me a call @ +1 844 EZ-KAST-7

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Prime Bass and Beastly Enjoyed Randomly.
You helped me find fishing again.
Let me talk to you, not at you…


Prime Bass and Beastly Enjoyed Randomly.

First off, Woah! What happened to WordPress? Not sure if I like it just yet. It’s changed. I’ve been working on my website for a long while and gaining ground on the spring time bass fishing.

I just wanted to share that the Illness has subsided a lot. The new profound focus on living out my dream of fishing for a living is paying off. is now getting to where I like it, more and more, just had an amazing comment about the site, I share his enthusiasm.

Wooow! Looks a thousand times better, great job!

Among working on the site, I have been putting in requests to carry major quality brand products within the fishing industry. That’s right, I will be carrying Lew’s Reels, Esox Rods (the best in the game) and my own line up of Easy Kasting gear, which I am working on manufacturing and putting my own labels and brand on.

This all coming from a man who thought he was ‘mentally ill,’ embrace the suck and live out your dreams. Be kickass.

If you know anyone who wants to gain knowledge about fishing, maybe you do, or your friends and family? You might already know about fishing and just want to check out my new brand too, that’s fine. is the gateway to finding quality gear and insane angler knowledge from the entire industry of fishing. Let them in on it.

Before I forget, I can’t leave my boys from Ardent Reels out. Created in America by American minds and manufactured overseas to give amazing quality at better prices than competitors who manufacture in the U.S. The Ardent Grand reel is insanely well built for standing up to the elements in my bass fishing adventures. You can see their products on the site too. Better yet, check out some of the videos. 

You know as I write this, I can’t hold in the excitement! I have outsourced a few of my ideas to gain a brand that anyone would be proud to sport, not just anglers. I’ve had some major graphics designed which will become my new T-shirts, apparel, and hats, so unbelievingly stoooked!

Want Exclusive Illness Adaptation Content? Learn the Real Me Here… 

Succeed with me and help others, Pay it Forward. Read More…

Thanks, to this blog and the continued feedback, love and kindness from the community I ham truly living out my dreams, sure the income is minimal at this point but the satisfaction of making a difference in the fishing industry which I love, is far greater than the amount of income I could ever earn.

Which is why 10% of all my sales go towards C.A.S.T for Kids foundation. This foundation helps the physically and mentally disabled gain the proper supervision and resources to find themselves out on the lakes and fishing for days of fun!

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You Didn’t Ask, I Just Assumed… (ProStaff Affiliates)
You helped me find fishing again.
Let me talk to you, not at you…

You Didn’t Ask, I Just Assumed… (ProStaff Affiliates)

My Illness Adaptation family, howdy. Are any of you off to a good start to the weekend? I hope so!

Me, I’m just kicking back in my work chair, the keyboard on my lap and staring at my new 24inch monitor, smiling as you stare back at me. The past few weeks have been a ride, for sure, one that I wouldn’t forget for all the Gliss fishing line in the world.

You see, I’ve been reaching out to people who have a passion for fishing and who want to share that passion with the world when I come across those type of anglers I try to grab them up for my business. These are people molded by the same desire to fish and make a living out of it, the same as me.

After a few days of running a few non-paid Facebook requests and affiliates apps, I selected two people for a ProStaffing Affiliate position on team EasyKasting. I am so powerfully pumped and excited for what the spring and summer seasons will bring to my business, with these two ProStaffers backing my brand.

Reasons for building up a team are simple, yet profound. #1 it builds awareness, allows others to talk about the brand and generates sales, as the ProStaffers are out there putting in work, the main reason.

#2 is that I have received to ProStaffing requests for myself, from two awesome fish and tackle companies, BIG NAMES. Ardent Reels have allowed me to join their team this season to engage, share and build relationships with people who have the potential of loving their gear as much as I do. Tasun Lure Retrievers is the other company that I have teamed up with to engage the audience around my city, state and the world, so that I may help them grow.

Before I go any further, I am still giving away my free Essential Guide to Bass Fishing for anyone on Illness Adaptation that wants a copy to read, or, share with your friends.

Don’t go now though, I’d like you to read the rest, sooo excited for myself and company.

I am so passionate about helping people find and welcome these brands into their tackle boxes, that I have allowed myself to bring on a staff of my own. I have been working diligently on creating NEW Exciting Ways to deliver content to anglers in a way that is So simple for my ProStaffers that they can literally get clicks within minutes, that’s the goal! By creating Insanely Easy tools for promoting my business, I allow my ProStaffers more time to share the real, true stories that drive people to want more.

In reality, this allows me more time to share content for those who have allowed me onto their team, make sense?

My unboxing video of Ardent Reels has over 85views right now and a couple of shares. If you would like to step into my tackle arsenal and see my new reels, sponsored gear, decals and much more, I would advise you to please watch the video here, in the right sidebar.

NOTE* This is not for sales purposes, in fact, I am not authorized to sell these products, but only to share them with the fishing community.

Thanks again, for always reading and watching me grow from a person whom though he had an illness, to a person who has built a great drive and is seeking to live out his passion in life.


P.S. Incase the video link above is broken, please watch my Unboxing Video Here. There are some stumbles and cracks that you will enjoy.


You helped me find fishing again.

It’s an eventual time in my life, the best part of it is, the waters are warming up so the fishing is coming back. Since switching over to bass fishing in the winter I haven’t had much luck on the bite, I wanted to switch at the hardest time of the year for fishing, to train myself for the future ahead.

With winter bass it is tooough! Believe me. Now, that the pre-spawn is upon us the bass are in a frenzy to unload on some creature baits.

I have been contacted by Tasun Lure Retrievers and Ardent Reels to Pro-staff for their 2017 fishing season, year. I am STOKED! about that, I have been geared up for weeks, now awaiting my reels, tackle and new apparel.

I wanted to pick a select few to ProStaff for EasyKasting 

So, now that I will be pro staffing for some major companies I won’t have as much time to promote my own damn focused effort at sharing great tackle and insane stories. Meaning, I will need a select few to share, tweet and like their way onto the message boards of the internet for EasyKasting. If you KNOW that you’re a great affiliate I  would like to see what you’ve got for EasyKasting.

Illness Adaptation is where it all started, I unleashed my anger and frustrations of what I thought were mental illness, onto a screen, and from that, I began learning to build websites  Strike while it’s hot with affiliate marketing Make videos ⇒ and promote the sport that I love, fishing. Now, I did step away from fishing for a long time, but with blogging and users on Illness adaptation, I was able to seek to enjoy things again.

Okay, back to the point. This blog is about everything in my life, I am now building towards a future in fishing and online business with that sport.

Would you want to become a ProStaff Affiliate for me and make 20% in sales, using my training, sales funnels, landing pages, etc? If you do, sweet, if not, no worries, at least you can check it out, let me know what you think? 

I am so grateful for starting Illness Adaptation and for you allowing me to vent my cares to you, over the years. Thank you, Thank you…

If you love to fish, and I know that you do, most people do, Please, check out the site and I’ll leave you alone. Ha Ha Ha!

Seriously though, if you have any family or friends who fish, they’d be happy to receive this offer from you. 

Pain slips away as the mind practices healing, I won’t allow myself to fail and you shouldn’t either. Obliterate what you believe is an Illness, DO NOT allow it to consume you, break free my friends through the etched diamond glass. Make something better for yourself, shut the naysayers up! You are powerful, you are intelligent.

Enjoy, comment, like, Share to Comb@ the Illness.

P.S. This is really a good opportunity for not just me, but you.