Word-Press Blog Creator

Let me build your wordpress.com blog for business or pleasure. Simply fill out the form below and in the “comment” section give me an idea of what type of website I can build for you. Absolutely FREE!




Reasons to have me build your FREE Word-Press Blog:

  • Blogs/Websites act as an online business card for your company.
  • Blogs/Websites work 24/7 whether you are working or not.
  • With your blog, you can review products related to your business and share them with clients.
  • You can integrate a blog into an existing website and keep clients updated with your business and have daily interactions with customers.
  • Generate more traffic than ever before to your business!
  • Have your own book or product to sell? Great! Promote it on your blog.
  • Bring in Ads-When customers click ads on your site you WIN!
  • It’s 2017 Everyone Has a Blog, do you?

Companies that need a Blog/Website:

  • Lawn Care Services.
  • Auto Detailing.
  • Pressure Washing.
  • Home Businesses Selling Online Or Door To Door.
  • Amazon Authors

A simple blog (business card I call them) I can create and design for FREE. No Joke!
Ask about having me write creative blog articles for you. 


In my 4 years of blogging, I’ve seen the struggles that newbie bloggers face. It’s easy to see that bloggers are amazing writers, because of that their blog design and their community suffers…

To help you out, I’m willing to customize your widgets, tags, and themes in order to grow your community. You’ll have my full support, free of charge. 

If you’re not sure what widgets, themes, tags, and categories are then what are you waiting for? Contact Me and I’ll hook you up. 


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