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  2. Play And Watch While Doing Chores: Set your computer to play videos while you wash the dishes, clean the house, etc. This is a great idea for earning money on SwagBucks, I use this Daily. Watching videos on SwagBucks will allow you to earn up to $150 a day.
  3. Check Back Frequently: Checking back often will increase your motivation to keep on earning SwagBucks. Sometimes you may feel like stopping altogether and giving up, but don’t! Keep coming back, as you see your SwagBucks account increasing, your excitement rolls on.
  4. Refer Friends: As mentioned above, Referring friends is one of my favorite tools for obtaining continuous income with SwagBucks! Send out referrals directly from SwagBucks, explaining how much you have earned and the fun you have each day completing tasks. Follow up with them, SwagBucks allows you to send reminder emails, to friends who have maybe missed previous emails, or just need more information before signing up. Remember, you will get 10% of their earnings for life!

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