Would You Tell Me If My Blog Sucks?

Readers of my blog, I am asking for 2 minutes of your time. I need you to head over to my other blog and tell me, does it suck? 


Versions of The Self: Book Review

Having finished my last book, I ran into an exciting bit of poetry (my favorite) writing. It's more than just poetry, it's chapters journal the life of Christy Birmingham in deep philosophical meaning. Reading like a novel, this book of poetry style energized my mind in powerful ways... Birmingham shows her writing talents are way... Continue Reading →

I’m an Awful Writer, What you should know…

Reading fresh blogs has made me realize my writing isn't that great. So many writers have the crazy ability to write well-organized thoughts in sequential order to capture social eyes. Writing my first book didn't take very long from the thought bulb to finishing the short book. The reason, the words had already been written,... Continue Reading →

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