My favorite color is, African American…

  When chicks "want IT," do they want it right away? Or can I finish my book first? The second wildcard is a joke. Maybe I'm biased because the Dodgers never need it. But when Baseball allows teams below .500 in the playoffs, I be like whaa? Just another way to sell more seats, hot... Continue Reading →


Longer #one

Understand it must be done, with this in mind you have no choice. See the mission complete, long before deployment. Over and over the details, this is the way to complete the objective. Help your mind to believe, this way you'll see it to fruition. Push forward, continue on, gasping for air the lungs aching.... Continue Reading →

Sorrowful Fall Worsening

Sorrowful decline empty in disorder, stagnation of deafness lurks toward the pale ignorance. Harsh, agitation empties extreme outside the center, Future, past, it’s not anyone's way. 0 seconds of gasping in detracting from the atmosphere, 0 seconds of gasping out diminish the happiness that remains. Lightness is constant if you must die, Decide full obscurity,... Continue Reading →

Short #one

Ate some chocolates outside of reason, a car passes in the air of blackness. Late, early as pain finds a new direction, Away. Understand it's time to open the ears, a planet so eloquent on either side. Pain-free, though some effects raging up, better to thrive until passing years.

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