Illness Adaptation, is a place of peaceful learning and I am so glad you are here! I will bring positive thinking and knowledge into your minds.

Here for the first time? I would ask that you START your course of action by reading my blog publishing’s.


My Purpose is to give you a safe way to learn about yourself and help you grow into a more productive person dealing with the stresses of life. I blog about mental illness and ways that I use to fight depression, anxiety and all the darkness that comes with illness. Reach over and turn on the light, lest you lose the fight.

Leave any testimonials, or thoughts and concerns below. I enjoy the feedback and wish to connect with you. Lets, continue the fight and, this goes without saying, “Never Give Up!”

Remember* “Nothing is out of your reach as long as you believe” & nothing is IMPOSSIBLE for the word it-self says IM’POSSIBLE!!!

Note* I am not a Doctor or therapist If you are in danger of hurting yourself or others please call 911. This is not to take place of any medical treatment given to you by a licensed physician. 

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Hope your well, Thanks A Million Billion For reading my blog. :)))


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